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Badminton vs Tennis: Which to take up for more fun?

badminton vs tennis

Your dad says that racket sports are the best way to have fun while you can practice the whacking of balls with accuracy and precision.

He’s totally true!

And when it comes to racket sports, badminton and tennis are the most popular. Choose one at your reference.

Yet, you still do not make out the difference between tennis and badminton?

Then, scrolling down to find out badminton vs tennis comparison …

Comparison of Required Equipment

badminton vs tennis

Badminton vs tennis

Either tennis or badminton is a game with racket and birdie, playing on courts with a net between two players. It sounds similar, but when you take a closer look at the equipment, you will quickly find out their differences.

Badminton racket vs tennis racket

Although both sports use rackets. The “rackets” are definitely not the same. Instead, they are specifically designed for different games.

Specifically, badminton rackets are often narrower all round, along with a straight shaft. As a result, they look like a lollipop. Their weight only comes around 100g or so.

On the other hand, tennis rackets are often shorter and larger. Besides, their weight is even three times as much as that of a badminton racket. This makes sense because the tennis players require to stabilize the head for more powerful shots.

Shuttlecock vs tennis ball

badminton vs tennis

The badminton shuttle is much faster

Interestingly enough, badminton shuttlecock is addressed by different names such as the shuttle, shuttlecock, bridles, or bird.

Whatever you might call, all badminton shuttles feature a conical shape of overlapping feathers, along with a lightweight cork base. Sometimes, the feathers are replaced by plastic or nylon to cut the cost. And, the cork base helps remain the shuttle’s weight and allows it to be returned between the player, back and forth.

Tennis balls, on the other side, are hollow balls that are pressurized by rubber and a high-quality blend of wool and nylon. As a result, tennis balls often go soft over time, making it more comfortable to use.

Which is faster?

Many people say that badminton shuttles are flying more effectively thanks to their lightweight design, making badminton the fastest racket sport.

It is not always true.

The shuttles often fly with a high velocity, right from the time as the shuttle is hit. Unfortunately, the lightweight makes it hard for the shuttles to take a typical path. In that case, the movement of the badminton shuttle is often shorter and even slower.

Nets in badminton and tennis

In badminton, nets are hung over the double sidelines and run the entire court width. At that height, the player must land on the shuttle on the defensive or offensive side to score a point.

Coming to think of the tennis net, such a dynamic of badminton net is not supported. However, its size varies from the tennis court as we mentioned above.

Badminton vs Tennis court dimension

badminton vs tennis

The two do look similar

Dimensions are the main difference.

Accordingly, the courts for tennis are often larger than the badminton ones. The average tennis court size is 78×36 ft. and that of the badminton is 44×20 fit. Except that, the line is much baseline or back-line.

Materials of the court also matter.

The tennis courts come on four surfaces, including clay, carpet, grass, or hardcourt, making tennis more ideal for outdoor activities. In contrast, the badminton game only approves one court which is might be made synthetic surface because there are no wooden sprung materials.

Other accessories

Normally, rackets and shuttle/balls are enough. However, when you leverage your skills for professional parts, you need to take extra actions – for example, buying useful other accessories, such as the unique shoes and safety gear/bandage.

Scoring and playing rules

In tennis, the scoring system is divided into various scoring, such as “love”, “15”, “30”, or panic games. For badminton, you had better keep the initiative and on the attached version.

Essential Abilities to Play Tennis and Badminton

Badminton speed vs tennis speed

Here, we will answer which is the fastest racquet support.

Theoretically, the fastest smash record being made by Malaysia player was nearly 493 km/h. Meanwhile, the speed of the tennis balls is much slower.

So, to start with badminton, you need to practice to move faster and more effectively. If you are slow, you cannot catch the shuttle at its highest trajectory and get the points. Simply put, the lower it drops, the harder you do a jump shot or smash. Even more, if you are speed enough to grab the shuttle, you have more chances to decide it’s placement.

Thus, if you are about to take up badminton or to play badminton better, you must practice all types of movements such as chasing, running, stopping, or lunging. You must also practice the absolute speed and speed of change. Truly, high speed helps burn significant badminton calories.

  • Absolute speed is the overall speed when the players rush toward the badminton shuttle, jump for killing smashes, or move in the court.
  • The speed of change is how the players quickly pull in the shuttle and make shots.

Speed is also important in tennis. As a player, you might need to respond quickly to various sorts of tennis shots in which you have to change direction almost constantly without losing the good balance and body control. However, you do not have to be as fast as a badminton player.


You need less strength to hit a shuttle rather than a ball because the shuttle is much lighter. However, it does not mean badminton requires less strength compared to tennis.

In fact, during a badminton match, the players frequently use muscles in the upper and lower body, as well as those in unison. As a result, you will need to strengthen the whole body muscles when you decide to take up badminton.

Now mentioning tennis, strength means being able to generate power, endurance, and speed to improve the smash and to avoid injury. You had better prepare to maintain your strength on average tennis match time.

Tennis strength training is to put more weight on the ball and to improve the immune system. Specifically, it is involved in several strength requirements as below:

  • Strength endurance: Tennis players should be able to produce force overtime while maintaining a proper form and technical execution.
  • Static strength: When you play tennis, you might quickly figure out how to use the force that is generated against the ground to support the transfer speed you place into the ball.
  • Relative vs. Absolute strength: Instead of paying attention to the absolute strength, tennis players often practice improving their relative strength. The relative one will directly affect the overall speed and agility.

Badminton vs Tennis: Playing skills comparison

For badminton

badminton vs tennis

How to play badminton?

Basic skills are to understand the rules, hold the badminton racket, serve the badminton shuttle properly, and how to move feet to generate speed and power.

First off, take the time to learn the badminton rules. For instance, you must know “How many times can you hit the birdie in badminton?” or “What is a rally in badminton?”

Then, set up a ready stance. It helps minimize the movement and speed up quickly when you need it. Simply, put the non-racket leg forward in a shoulder-width. Bend your knees slightly to keep a balance and to keep the back straight. Finally, lift the racket ready to hit.

Next, practice forehand and backhand grip. Try to have a proper grip so that you will not put too much on the wrist. You should have the thumb rested against the handle with the four other fingers holding around.

Make sure that you practice basic footwork in advance, by focusing on lateral steps and basic drills.

Also, learn 4 basic stroke habits to perform advanced shots later. They include overhead forehand, overhead backhand, underarm forehand, and underarm backhand.

Finally, learn to serve the shuttle with speed and suitable strength.

For tennis

badminton vs tennis

Tennis playing skills

Truth be told, tennis skills are somewhat complicated, meaning you have to practice a lot. Yet, overall, you need to master three basic skills.

First is to do the footwork. Make sure that the footwork allows you to make tons of quick movement over a short distance and within a short time.

In addition, take control of the game by serving the ball effectively. This skill might happen in a few seconds, but you need to make tons of small movements.

Finally, practice forehand and backhand strokes rather than others. This stroke is very simple and common. You do not need a partner to practice with you. Instead, hit the balls off a wall to save muscle memory and to commit the relationship.

Badminton vs Tennis, Which is for you?

There are many other things to understand before you choose between badminton and tennis.

Personally, we advise badminton over tennis. It takes less time to pick up than tennis. It also requires a flexible combination of the whole body to keep balance, flexibility, and muscle strength.


Can badminton players play tennis easily?

Not that easy, we might answer.

Although the two share some similar strategies like single or double shots, please not that badminton and tennis require different techniques. For example, badminton players are often faster than tennis ones. Meanwhile, tennis is often involved in keeping your wrist locked and swing with your arm. In other words, you have to adjust and practice much to get familiar with the new sport.

Anyway, playing badminton beforehand is still helpful to pick up the tennis quickly with high fitness and agility.

Can I use tennis shoes for badminton?

Perhaps yes if the shoes are designed for all types of courts like clay or grass.

Please check the heel. Some shoes advised for tennis only often feature lots of padding in the heel. This, however, makes it difficult for you to play badminton because you will need to lean back when taking an overhead shot.

Which is more popular badminton or tennis?

It depends on the location.

According to tennis popularity statistics, tennis is probably the most popular sport played with a racket in the USA, like how basketball is more preferred than soccer.

Nonetheless, badminton is played a lot in Asian countries, mostly because they are promoted by schools in PE subjects. For that reason, there are more Asian champions in badminton than tennis.

Why is badminton not popular?

If you mean badminton popularity in the U.S or European countries, then it is due to a series of mistaking mindset.

In fact, most Americans we know think of badminton as a weak backyard sport. Also, there is a lack of support from the school, government, media, or sponsors.

Yet, on top of that, the main reason is tennis was already so popular there.

Final thoughts about the comparison badminton vs tennis

Above comes brief and complete badminton vs tennis comparison, We hope that you now can make your own decision. Although we recommend badminton over tennis because of their advantages, you can still choose tennis if you want something to test your endurance.

Enjoy the games!

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