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9 Best Babolat Badminton Rackets You Should Know in 2020

best babolat badminton rackets

Best Babolat Badminton Rackets You Should Know in 2020

Click now to be share tips to pick the best Babolat badminton rackets, and more excitingly, the top choices handi-picked by our experts – with nonbias reviews!

It makes sense that players, from amateurs to professionals, keep asking about the best Babolat badminton rackets. In fact, Babolat is a reliable French brand besides Yonex, Li Ning, Wilson, etc.

From our experience, Babolat rackets are quality made of composite materials, easy to use, and to string. Their design specifications are also favorable to multi-level players, especially those a modern game. Even better, Babolat has a unique marketing tactic, supported by canny endorsement players like Tine Baun or Joachim Fischer Nielsen.

Even when some argue that all above are now commonly adopted by other competitors too, we still appreciate how these French badminton rackets keep remaining an excellent balance of all factors.

Keep reading and you will understand why.

Product Images Product Name Our Rating  
Babolat I Pulse Power Badminton Racquet 4.9 VIEW ON AMAZON
Babolat Satelite Gravity 74 Badminton Racquet 4.9 VIEW ON AMAZON
Babolat Satelite Blast Badminton Racquet 4.9 VIEW ON AMAZON
Babolat Satelite Lite Badminton Racquet 4.8 VIEW ON AMAZON
Babolat X-Act Infinity Blast Badmintion Racquet 4.8 VIEW ON AMAZON
Babolat Satelite Gravity 78 Badminton Racquet 4.8 VIEW ON AMAZON
Babolat X-Feel Origin Power Badminton Racquet 4.7 VIEW ON AMAZON
Babolat Prime Essential Graphite Badminton Racquet 4.7 VIEW ON AMAZON
Babolat Minibad Junior Badminton Racquet 4.7 VIEW ON AMAZON

How to pick the best Babolat badminton racket?

best babolat badminton rackets

A suitable racket makes the game funnier!

In fact, choosing a Babolat racket is not very different from choosing a common one. We mean you must still keep some basic factors like frame, balance, racket strings, and shaft, etc. in mind.

All in all, get started by thinking about your level. Accordingly, we would recommend a flexible racket for beginners who often play with light touches. Meanwhile, more experienced players will be pleased to go for stiffer rackets so that they can improve the power and accuracy.

Then, consider the balance and weight of those Babolat rackets, whether they are head-heavy, head-light, or even-balanced? Good to know, the heavier the head is, the more powerful and less maneuverable the racket is. In terms of overall weight, you should go for either 3U or 4U rackets.

Next, pay attention to the string. The high string tension (24 to 28 lbs) is more controllable, whereas, the lower string (20 to 24 lbs) creates more power and durability.

Finally, pick up a choice based on the available series of Babolat. The manufacturer categorizes its products into various series that might fit with your demands.


  • Performance Series: These rackets are created with excellent precision for whoever desires to maintain control and maximize shooting power.
  • Intensive Series: Under this category, rackets are often light and medium-stiff to optimize maneuverability. Excitingly enough, they are all-round game.
  • Club Series: Defensive players will love the Club series, in which rackets are even-balanced and flexible to provide fast and maneuverable shots.
  • Leisure Series: As its name suggests, the series includes medium-stiff or even-balanced rackets for beginners or who play tennis for fun.
  • Junior Series: Rackets under Junior series are for kids, from 4 to 9 years old. They are light and easy to use.


Top Babolat Rackets with Useful Reviews

Babolat I Pulse Power Racquet Strung G2


The very first badminton racket we want to introduce is the Babolat I Pulse Power Racquet Strung G2 under Club series. As mentioned, you can expect this Club racket to move fast and maneuver flexibly.

Such a blend of speed, accuracy, and control is firstly thanks to the even-balanced isometric head. Accordingly, the mass is evenly distributed along with the racket so that you will get more power from the racket’s back and flexibility ahead. As a result, you can play all types of shots and improve all-round game techniques.

Secondly, the frame also features a balance between ultra-aerodynamics, stiffness, and resistance. The overall weight is the standard 3U – not too heavy we can confirm.


  • Affordable
  • For all-round games
  • A good balance of power and maneuverability
  • Effective and consistent hits
  • Easy to control
  • A durable and lightweight frame


  • Poor strings

Babolat Satelite Gravity 74 Badminton Racquet


Babolat Satelite Gravity 74 Badminton Racquet is only 74 gms, which is the lightest racket of Babolat. For that reason, you can expect this racket to be comfortable and forgiving, especially when it comes to off-center shots.

We do like the Slim T technology that Bobalat has adopted to this racket. Specifically, the graphite frame and flex shaft are connected in a perfect thin way. As a result, the drag at the T-joint reduces by 11%, meanwhile, the aerodynamic feature is significantly increased.

Alon with the ultra-lightweight head, Babolat Satelite Gravity 74 is supposed to support fast swings, maneuverability, and improved accuracy.



  • Lightweight racket
  • Medium stiff
  • Quick and maneuverable
  • Good for defensive players and doubles


  • Built for less experienced players, rather than pros
  • Less powerful

Babolat Satelite Blast Badminton Racquet


Although this racket is designed with Satelite technology like the Satelite Gravity 74, the two are for different players. To be exact, the Gravity 74 is built for inexperienced and defensive ones, while Babolat Satelite Blast Badminton Racquet is preferred by offensive and experienced players.

The major difference is that the Satelite Blast is head-heavy and equipped with Metricflex technology. Specifically, the Blast is heavier and stiffer than the Gravity 74. The flexion is improved on the overhead. The weight is focused on the head so that even slow swings can fly efficiently as a fast swing of the head-light racquet. Thus, both power and precision are maximized initially in the preparation phase.

Plus, the Babolat Satelite Blast even comes with varying flexibility. It means the players can access to power without bending the shaft too much and defend smashes more comfortably.


  • Head-heavy with Metricflex technology
  • Flexible shaft to improve power and defend smashes
  • Increased precision
  • For experienced players


  • Expensive
  • Harder to control

Babolat Satelite Lite Badminton Racquet


Babolat Satelite Lite Badminton Racquet is another alternative to the Blast. Since the two are both categorized into Performance series, the Lite is, similar to the Blast, for defensive players who look for excellent maneuverability.

Interestingly enough, the Satelite Lite is a head-light racket. There is less mass at the head and frame, not to mention, the sweet spot is improved in sizes. The maneuverability, therefore, is better.

It is also worth mentioning that the shaft of the Babolat Satelite Lite is overall ultra-thin, only 6.5. Thus, the racket can slice through the air for stronger and quicker shots. Meanwhile, the cross-section is thicker to guarantee durability and response.


  • Ultra-thin shaft and light head
  • Improved sweet spot
  • High agility and quick reactions
  • Combined with Metricflex, GT, and Slim T


  • Expensive
  • Unstrung

Babolat X-Act Infinity Blast Pre-strung


Babolat X-Act Infinity Blast is the next Babolat badminton racket we want you to know. In general, the racket comes in a head-heavy balance and a bigger sweet spot to provide extra comfort and power for a competitive game.

In particular, the X-Act Infinity Blast adopts the powerful X-Feel technology combined with an enhanced forgiving shaft and a bigger head. Let us breakdown the advantages of each.

First off, the X-feel innovation is the mixture of several technologies from Metricflex, Hybrid Stiffer Grommet, GT, and Pilot System. All support generating power with a fast head acceleration.

Secondly, the shaft is more forgiving and as thin as 6.8, meaning you can swing faster through the air whether it is a lift, block, or drop-shot.

Thirdly, the head is larger to offer more comfort and control over the shuttles.


  • X-feel performance adopted
  • Bigger sweet spot and head shape
  • More forgiving shaft
  • Quite affordable in terms of quality
  • Coming pre-strung and possibly restrung or restring


  • Short feel on the shot

Babolat Satelite Gravity 78 Badminton Racquet


Truth be told, this Babolat Satelite Gravity 78 is not very different from the Babolat Satelite Gravity 74 we mentioned earlier.

On the one hand, they are both light and comfortable for off-center shots. The two rackets also share the Slim T technology, which provides an unbelievably powerful at the head-light body. For that reason, the defensive like Satelite Gravity very much for their improved accuracy and maneuverability. In addition, the T-Joint frame is durable and helpful enough to reduce drag by 11%.

On the other hand, a slight difference is additional weight. It helps generate more power in a clear or smash department compared to the Satelite Gravity 74.


  • Lightweight and durable racket
  • Extra power for clears and smashes
  • Quick and maneuverable
  • Good for defensive players and doubles


  • Not for advanced players
  • Less powerful compared to head-heavy rackets

Babolat X-Feel Origin Power Badminton Racquet


It is safe to say that the X-Feel Origin Power Badminton Racquet is the best-selling of Babolat. This racket offers an excellent balance of quality build and the price.

Take the Carbon X-TREM technology, for example. The racket head is made of three innovative angle layers that are supposed to improve performance at the ball’s impact. In specific, the resistance to torque increases by 40% more, and the fibers breaking is 2 times less. Eventually, you can expect an amazing feel for faster reactions.

Apart from that, the racket is even-balanced, stiffly flexible, and pre-strung.


  • Powerful Carbon X-TREM technology
  • Even-balanced and stiffly flexible
  • Thin shaft and pre-strung.
  • Good stable feel and fast reactions against torsions


  • Medium price

Babolat Prime Essential Graphite Badminton Racquet


All advanced rackets like Satelite or X-feel above are excellent. Nonetheless, ready to pay quite an amount. In case you just need a choice to practice and improve your skills, we recommend Babolat Prime Essential Graphite instead.

Coming with a flex shaft and a balanced weight, this racket is easy to use. In addition, it provides fast swings and good shuttle control. The aerodynamic frame even makes it more effective to penetrate air for better maneuverability.


  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Ease of use
  • Fast swings and enhanced maneuverability
  • Durable graphite body


  • Not very powerful
  • Lack of adds-on

Babolat Minibad Junior Badminton Racquet


Hilariously, you now not only pick up a racket for yourself, but Babolat also offers some junior rackets for your kids. Next time, you can take your children out and enjoy some badminton games.

For instance, you should buy Babolat Minibad Junior Badminton Racquet. This is built with kids from 4 to 7, who have little ideas of how to use a badminton racket. It means the Minibad Junior is extremely light and easy to maneuver.


  • Cheap to invest in
  • Light and easy to maneuver
  • Prestrung


  • Nothin special about this racket


Above are some of the best Babolat badminton rackets you should consider. To make a wise choice, feel free to refer to the buying guide and reviews above.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line in the comment. Wish you enjoy the games.

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