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Best Badminton Brands and Why You Should Buy From Them?

best badminton brands

We always recommend badminton players to go for branded rackets so that they can practice and play properly. Despite the high price sometimes, these products turn out to be a bargain because you can use them for a long time with comfort.

Sound really attractive, right?

Yet, the time you search for the best badminton brands, you are immediately confused with a bunch of available options. Fortunately, here we give a shortcut to the top 6 companies on the market.


best badminton brands - yonex

Whenever you search for badminton rackets, shoes, apparel, or related accessories, you find products of Yonex in the very first places.

This makes sense because Yonex is by far the leading company in manufacturing equipment for sports, especially for badminton.

Accordingly, Yonex provides a wide range of rackets at almost all prices. Each series comes with particular technologies, built for specific levels or playing styles. Nonetheless, their most favorite racquets are Voltric, Arcsaber, and Nanoray – which are supposed to enhance smash and control. This is confirmed by Lee Chong Wei “to feel like my arm is one with the racquet … so I can push faster at the net.”

Yonex offers everything needed for badminton:

You can also try and give some reviews!


best badminton brands - lining

The 2nd rank goes for Li-Ning, a Chinese manufacturer famous for many advanced features coming at a surprisingly affordable price ranges.

Similar to Yonex, the company offers badminton players with various product categories. For example, the Mega Power series are specially built for an offensive player. Meanwhile, the UltraSharp series are good at solid defense and aggressive smashing.

Compared to Yonex, Lining rackets are more tension and also fashionable. Nonetheless, performance is less consistent.

Another drawback is that the headquarter of Lining is in China, making it possible for delayed refunds and support.

Li-Ning is also a good brand selection for badminton equipment, it provides:


best badminton brands - victor

Used by leading players like Yang Wei and Gao Ning, Victor rackets are the next products you can rely on when power and control are required.

Interestingly enough, this is also a Chinese brand. Thus, you can expect its rackets to be feature-rich and pocket-friendly at the same time. Moreover, most Victor badminton rackets are made of carbon graphite that is quite durable and lightweight.


best badminton brands - carlton

If you are living somewhere in the UK or in Europe, you might have heard of Carlton more frequently than others. In fact, the company has an experience of over 70 years in serving eminent games of badminton and more.

In terms of quality, this brand features few additional features like the Yonex or Li-Ning. And, the price is often hefty. In return, you will have one of by far the strongest badminton with a heavy head.

For this reason, the Carlton is a nice brand for those who desire a basic and built-to-last badminton racket.

Carlton badminton products:


best badminton brands - babolat

Babolat is a French brand that even has a longer history than Carlton. Rather than badminton racquets, the company’s reputation is partly attributed to the success of Rafael Nadal and Julien Benneteau – two famous tennis players.

The badminton racquets, despite being less famous, are also worth mentioning. They are often crafted with the durable composite materials and the patented string of the Babolat. Plus, their specifications are often favorable to players of multiple levels.

Babolat provides a smaller range of badminton products, but it’s still enough for normal badminton players:


best badminton brands - wilson

Wilson is an interesting brand in the U.S, of which the business was rooted in the meatpacking industry. The company began wit using animal byproducts to make natural gut strings for tennis. Then, the company has expanded its products to badminton rackets and had a big fan club.

All in all, Wilson’s badminton gears often feature a head-balance point, along with the stiff shaft. All are supposed to be durable and easy to use by players of all levels and ages.

Not so focused on producing badminton products, Wilson provides a small but necessary range of badminton products:

In sum, Why Are These The Good Brands?

Besides the top 6 best badminton brands as above, there are many other manufacturers on the market that you might prefer. However, we do advise you to consider the 6 companies one more time. They are hand-picked by our testers who try each every badminton racket throughout. Moreover, those brands are commonly used by many professional players in the world and other consumers.

Try them yourself and give us some feedback as well!

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