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Best Badminton Shoes For Enthusiasts – An In-depth Review

best badminton shoes

Having the best badminton shoes with you in your matches will help you to perform better. Badminton is a sport that involves the instant and vigorous movement of both arms and legs. Apart from the importance of the racket to hit the shuttlecock, the badminton shoes will serve as a support for your moving from side to side with ease.

However, unfortunately, if you buy a pair of low-quality badminton shoes, you may get injuries instead of improving your performance. Hence, spending money on legit badminton shoes is really worthy. Our list below will help you to choose the best shoes for badminton for you.

Product Images Product Name Our Rating  
adidas Men's Barricade Club 4.9 VIEW ON AMAZON
ASICS Men's Gel-Challenger 12 4.9 VIEW ON AMAZON
LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight 4.8 VIEW ON AMAZON
ASICS Men's Gel-Dedicate 5 4.8 VIEW ON AMAZON
HEAD Men's Grid 2.0 Low Non-Marking Shoes 4.8 VIEW ON AMAZON
Mishansha Mens Athletic Court Squash 4.7 VIEW ON AMAZON
Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning RX3 4.7 VIEW ON AMAZON
ASICS Men's Netburner Ballistic FF 4.7 VIEW ON AMAZON
Yonex Comfort Z 4.6 VIEW ON AMAZON

Are Badminton Shoes Necessary?

The answer is absolutely “YES”.

If a soccer player has his own soccer boots, a tennis player has his own shoes. So, a badminton player should have his own shoes for badminton. Alike the crucial of a racket, badminton sneakers will help you to have an outstanding performance on the badminton court. However, this is not the sole explanation for having a pair of badminton shoes.

The first and foremost reason for sports companies designing and manufacturing shoes for badminton players is that these shoes can add traction to the playground when you run. What’s more, they can work as a layer to reduce the pressure on your legs and knees while turning, running, and jumping. Therefore, these shoes can avoid the risk of injuries, especially you pa badminton at the professional level

Best Badminton Shoes Review

#1 ASICS GEL-Rocket 9

Badminton shoes for both genders


The first impression this pair of shoes make on me is its tight fit immediately after you put them on. This significant feature can be attained thanks to the traditional lacing.

Moreover, the midsole is designed with the Molded-EVA so that the shock absorption and cushioning are assured. Also, the GEL Cushioning system support the fore and rear of the foot by reducing the shock at toe-off, so you can have smooth movement.

The lightweight of this ASICS model is also well-regarded. With the Trusstic System Technology, the total weight of the shoes is decreased, but the company still manages to keep the intact structure of all part.

The Gel-Rocket 9 is not only for male players, but it can also be a good choice for female enthusiasts. If you are looking for a Men’s Gel-Rocket 9, you will have 6 color choices, whereas there are 5 color options for females. The male and female shoes are not just different in terms of sizes and colors.

However, there is a weakness of this model that it is quite stiff. In order to achieve the most comfortable form of this ASICS, you should use it in about 4-6 matches.


  • Advanced technology
  • Badminton shoes women and men can wear
  • Shock absorption and cushioning
  • Lightweight


  • Stiff

#2 Adidas Men’s Barricade Club Tennis Shoes

Excellent badminton shoes from Adidas


The sole, which is made of 100% textile and rubber, plays a vital role in reducing the total weight of the shoes, so this model is one of the lightest shoes for badminton players. Also, the breathable textile brings your feet the comfort, especially in sports involving much movement like badminton.

Another remarkable feature of this badminton shoes Adidas is that it has shock absorption function. Hence, the stability of these shoes is unquestionable, and your knees and heels will be kept from being hurt.

Apart from the excellent features, these have an impressive design that will help you stand out between other players. Therefore, you can be confident in your stylish shoes in front of your friends.

Despite all the outstanding points, these Adidas badminton shoes have got negative feedbacks about its unprecise sizing. We recommend that you should buy this one at the Adidas stores for the best fit.


  • 100% textile and rubber made
  • Lightweight
  • Shock absorption
  • Stylish


  • Inaccurate sizing if buying online

#3 ASICS GEL-Challenger 12 For Both Men And Women

Appropriate badminton shoes for women


This ASICS product will be an ideal pair of shoes for both professional players and people who take badminton as a pastime. This model gains the attention of customers with a stylish design and excellent functioning.

Since the upper sole is made of synthetic materials and mesh mixed with Flexion Fit technology, it will provide you with the extraordinary comfort, flexibility, and breathability.

Furthermore, the midsole is manufactured with the GEL Cushioning System to avoid the feet from getting hurt because of the sturdy courts. Also, the Solyte midsole improves durability and lightweight.

About the outsole, it is made of AHAR rubber. Besides, with the herringbone tread patterns, this pair of shoes can give the players outstanding durability and traction no matter what situation the court is.

The most remarkable feature of this ASIC GEL-Challenger 12 is that it can be used by both men and women. For female players, they will have 7 colors to choose. On the contrary, with male players, they have 9 color options. The material and features of male and female shoes are all the same, and the difference is the color only.

The backward of this model is that it doesn’t have ankle support.


  • Flexion Fit technology
  • GEL Cushioning System
  • AHAR Rubber
  • Badminton shoes for women and men
  • Wide range of colors


  • Lack of ankle support

#4 LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight

A vibrant color design from LI-NING


This model has its upper made from synthetic leather mixed with an air mesh upper, so the breathable factor is increased. Also, the sole manufactured from non-marking gum rubber can prevent abrasion and skid.

In fact, the sole is the most remarkable feature of this LI-NING shoes. With multiple pivot points, the sole becomes more flexible, and it can reduce much pressure imposed on your knees when you jump. As a result, you can move with ease and spectacularly fast.

What’s more, around the toe area and the inside front of this Men Saga, an extra reinforcement layer is included. Hence, this added part will ensure the durability and the prominent performance of the shoes.

Additionally, this model is designed based on the XSTRUCTURE, which means that you can modify the tightness for your heels to meet your needs.

One thing that the company should improve on this model is its protection on the sole. By adding a protection layer for the sole, its sturdiness can be enhanced.


  • Sole made from rubber
  • Bright colors, suitable for a sporty style
  • Female players can models in purple and pink models
  • Non-marking shoes for badminton


  • Lack of protection for the sole

#5 ASICS Badminton Shoes USA Men’s Gel-Dedicate 5


ASICS shoes have GEL Cushioning System


ASICS is a famous brand in the sport-equipment-making industry because of the prominent products they have released to the public. This Gel-Dedicate 5 is another affirmation about the high-grade quality of ASICS shoes.

This model is manufactured from 100%. Also, the brand strives to make this one comfortable, durable, and extremely light with the solid rubber outsole. Besides, the GEL Cushioning System for forefoot will limit shock during propulsion.

Truth be told, many companies have to leave out some parts of their shoes to keep them lightweight. Yet, with the Trusstic System Technology, this ASICS is still a lightweight pair of shoes and maintains all necessary components.

What’s more, this Men’s Gel-Delicate 5 is appropriate for people who have narrow feet. This is one proof for the mindfulness of ASICS to their customers.

Though ASICS shoes have such remarkable features, there is one thing we don’t like about them. These shoes seem to lack proper ventilation due to the thick mesh.


  • GEL Cushioning System
  • Trusstic System Technology
  • For narrow feet
  • Lightweight


  • Ventilation is not enough

#6 HEAD Men’s Grid 2.0 Low

HEAD model brings you the comfort


The first and foremost advantage of this HEAD shoes is that it consists of an exclusive technology from the company called HyBrasion Technology. To be specific, this technology refers to a rubber formula or a high abrasion combination, which is normally utilized for the sole. Thanks to this technology, the toe can be avoided of drag, and the shoes are wearing-resistant to tough terrains. Besides, the sole made of gum rubber improves the grip of the shoes on a wet surface.

Moreover, the shoes are comfortable because of a cushioning system, and the lateral support of this model gives this HEAD badminton shoes a stylish design. Plus, the Lateral Control technology is also included in the head shoes, so you can smoothly move your feet and your ankle without worrying about getting injured.

Another great feature of these shoes is the ventilation capacity due to the air mesh upper. Hence, you can have a well-played match, and won’t be interrupted by the discomfort with your feet.

The backward of this HEAD model is its removable insole, so you can’t change the insole when it is worn out.


  • Comfortable
  • Perfect ventilation
  • Amazing grip
  • Slip-resistant


  • Insole can be changed

#7 Mishansha Badminton Shoes For Men

This Mishansha has an affordable design


The durability and comfort of this pair of shoes is guaranteed because of the synthetic mesh and leather. The mesh material makes your feet dry and cool by allowing air to flow in and out. Besides, the shoes can be used in a long run due to the leather parts.

The sole, which is made of rubber, has a good grip because it is non-marking. As a result, the durability and excellent traction of the shoes will assist you to move with ease and confidence on the court. Plus, the sole is supportive and versatile, so you will stand a good chance of winning your badminton match.

What’s more, the material used for manufacturing the outsole is a combination of MD and rubber. Therefore, Mishansha provides you with an anti-skid pair of shoes. Besides, the shock absorption of the outsole is outstanding.

One factor that we don’t like about this model is that it sometimes creates noisy sound when you are moving.


  • Leather and mesh made
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Shock absorption
  • Cheap badminton shoes


  • Noisy

#8 Mizuno Badminton Shoes Wave Lightning RX3

This Mizuno has a quite high price


The Wave Lightning RX3 provides you with an ease of use, steady strength, and support for your movement. Besides, the compound utilized for creating this pair of shoes offers great breathability, and it helps to sustain the dryness of your feet in long matches. Moreover, this model includes a special design to avoid ankle break so that you can have better jumping and instantaneous motion.

The comfort of this Mizuno is incontrovertible. This is the first feeling you get when having them on your feet. This notable quality can be achieved thanks to the breathable mesh. Additionally, this Wave Lightning RX3 is exceptionally light. Some people say that they even forgot that they were actually wearing shoes while playing.

Although the design of these shoes is familiar with professional players, you can still purchase them when you are at an intermediate level. Why? Because these shoes are durable, they can be used for a long time. Despite the quite high price, they are worth your payment.


  • Great breathability
  • Dryness sustaining
  • Prevent ankle break
  • Outstanding durability


  • High price

#9 ASICS Netburner Ballistic FF MT

FlyteFoam technology is included in these shoes


Enthusiasts of badminton will have all the necessary and optimal features of badminton shoes with this ASICS Netburner Ballistic FF MT. No matter what types of court you play on, this ASICS will optimize your performance.

The Twisstruss system allows you to move smoothly and freely with the superior balance in the middle of your foot. Besides, the midsole consists of organic fibers serving as a low-density foam.

Also, the FlyteFoam technology will lessen the contact of your feet with the hard court by generating extraordinary bounce-back and cushioning with your jumps. As a result, the foot traction and tension are significantly improved thanks to the natural rubber sole.

At both ends of the shoes, the GEL system absorbs shock to give you a stable performance and a fantastic range of movement. Moreover, the insole functions to eliminate moisture inside the shoes, and it can be removed when wearing out.

There is one thing we don’t understand about these shoes is that they are not manufactured with ankle support. With all the impressive features above, they lack one essential quality.


  • Twisstruss system
  • Gel system
  • FlyteFoam technology
  • ASICS non-marking shoes


  • Lack of ankle support

#10 Yonex Comfort Z Men’s Badminton Shoes

This model is made with outstanding technology


These Yonex shoes for badminton are manufactured with many upgraded technology from the brand. These shoes are made to keep your feet stable in a long and exhausting game owning to the Power Cushion+ technology, Toe Assist Shape, and Power Graphite Sheet. Now, let go into detail of this best Yonex badminton shoes

The Power Cushion+ is developed based on the traditional materials for cushioning, but it can increase the shock absorption by 28% and repulsion for 62%.

The Power Graphite sheet refers to a graphite sheet that is put into the sole to enhance the stability and help you to easily set in motion for the upcoming shot.

The Toe Assist Shape can diminish the pressure placed on the big toe by a toe-centric design. Also, this technology promotes the fit of your heels and mid-foot with the shoes. Hence, the loss of power will be eliminated.

In spite of all these excellent features, this Yonex Comfort Z is not a totally suitable badminton shoes for wide feet.


  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Up-to-date technology
  • Yonex badminton shoes women can also wear
  • Many supporting features
  • Wide badminton shoes


  • Not suitable for players with wide feet

How to choose good badminton shoes

# Weight

As we know, badminton is a sport that involves instant movement, so nobody would like to have a heavy pair of shoes on. Hence, apart from crucial factors like sole type, design, the weight of your shoes will have a significant impact on your performance.

Heavy shoes will interfere with your quick-moving, it will slow you down. Hence, you can’t get proper reflexes toward extremely fast shots.

On the other hand, with lightweight shoes, you can move faster. As a result, you will perform better in the game.

Commonly, a light pair of shoes weighs less than 400 grams

# Ankle Support

Your ankle must have a wide range of motion for you to freely twist, jump, and run backwards. However, if there is too much ankle support, you will find difficulty in performing flexible movement. Shoes for badminton players should have proper ankle support to optimize your performance.

# Ventilation

Sweating is an inevitable situation in playing sports. As mentioned before, badminton is a sport that requires extensive and vigorous actions. Your whole body will sweat a lot, so will your feet. Hence, your shoes will soon be wet if they lack efficient ventilation.

If you leave your shoes wet, they will result in optimal conditions for bacteria and fungi to thrive. Consequently, a terrible smell will show up.

To conclude, shoe for badminton should possess appropriate ventilation for keeping your feet dry and cool and avoid some bacteria-related diseases.

# Sole Thickness

Good badminton shoes not only have exceptional features, but they also should acquire an impressive design.

Badminton players need to stay in a low center of gravity so that they can react sufficiently and balance their bodies. Hence, the sole should be thin to reduce the total weight, leading to a quick jump, movement, and sprint.

A thick sole is suggested for runners only.

# Sole Type

There are two typical types of soles: rubber soles and gum rubber soles

The type of badminton courts you play on will decide which sole type to choose. PU and wood courts are the most common nowadays. Gum rubber soles will be your best choice if you play on both of these courts because it will give you better grip and traction. Besides, indoor badminton shoes also have their soles made of gum rubber.

However, on cement courts, rubber soles will be the best pick for you.

# Cushioning

In order to keep you safe from injuries, cushioning is an indispensable feature of the shoes for badminton. A well-made cushioning will absorb the pressure imposed on your legs, and it will bring you an astonishing performance.

# Double Russel Mesh

This is a high-grade quality that is not usually included in normal-end badminton shoes. You can only find this feature in some models for professional players with a high price. The Double Russel Mesh will increase the ability to resist to moisture 8 times more than that in standard ventilation.

Frequently Asked Questions

# Features Of Shoes That Are Best Fit For Badminton

  • Lightweight for faster movement
  • Ankle support to reduce the risk of getting injured
  • Thickness of soles for quick jump, movement, and sprint
  • Types of soles to suit each kind of courts
  • Cushioning for absorbing pressure imposed on your knees and heels
  • Ventilation for drying and cooling your feet

# What Kinds Of Shoes Should I Wear For Badminton?

Badminton shoes sometimes are mistaken for running shoes because they all have a quite bulky design. However, a pair of running shoes will not give you the appropriate features like you can find with badminton shoes.

However, volleyball shoes or tennis shoes can be used to replace badminton shoes when you don’t have shoes for badminton.

# How Do You Maintain Badminton Shoes In Good Condition?

  • To maintain the fresh and pleasant smell, put tea bags into your shoes:

After some matches, your scent of a new badminton shoes will soon fade away, and the smell of your feet sweat will arise. To eliminate the bad odor of your shoes, you should put a tea bag in each shoe for 5-7 hours to get rid of the smell.

  • Take advantage of shoe protector spray:

When you take your badminton shoes out of the box, you should cover them with a layer of stain or water-resistant spray. Although the protector compound is quite expensive, it is worth your money. By sheltering your shoes with the shoe spray, you can protect them from getting dirt, grime, rain, and other dirty substances.

  • Use some stuff to keep the form of your shoes:

You can utilize used paper, roll it into balls, and put it into your shoes so that your shoes won’t deform because of folds and dents.

  • Never wash them by washing machines and dry them by dryer

Experts suggest that you should wash your shoes by hand because the washing machines will create such powerful force that your shoes may wear out or deform. Also, using a dryer to dry your shoes will damage the synthetic materials of the shoes’ outer layer, you should leave them under the sunlight instead.

# Can You Wash Badminton Shoes?

As we mentioned above, you can wash your badminton shoes, but not with a washing machine, hand-washing is recommended.

# What Is Special About Badminton Shoes?

Badminton shoes are exclusively manufactured for vigorous activities that require instant and steady movement like badminton. If you use a pair of non-badminton shoes, your knees and heels will definitely get hurt after a few matches.

# How Long Do Badminton Shoes Last?

Commonly, badminton shoes will last for about 7 to 9 months. However, its lasting will depend on how often you use them.

# What Are Badminton Shoes Made Of?

Badminton shoes are usually made of high-grade synthetic materials

# Can I Use My Badminton Shoes As Everyday Wear

Yes, of course. However, they are not the most suitable choice for daily activities. Why? As you can see, a pair of badminton shoes have quite a bulky design despite its comfort and excellent ventilation.

Bottom Lines

We have provided you with the list of top 10 best shoes for badminton. All of them are excellent products in terms of features, design, and price. However, if we have to pick the most optimal one, it’s gonna be the ASICS Gel-Rocket 9. Firstly, they have an impressive outlook that can suit both male and female players. Next, they consist of spectacular supporting features that can enhance your performance. Lastly, they are sold at a reasonable price, which can be suitable for any budget.

We hope that you find our review of the best badminton shoes useful. Keep following for more exciting posts.

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