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10 Best Carlton Badminton Rackets For Every Player Skill Levels In Very Details

best carlton badminton rackets

Carlton is famous for its products for many players’ levels. In this topic, we will cover some of the best Carlton badminton rackets that you should not miss!

Product Images Product Name Our Rating  
Carlton Ultrablade 500 Badminton Sports Racket 4.9 VIEW ON AMAZON
CARLTON Kinesis Badminton Racquet 4.9 VIEW ON AMAZON
Carlton Aeroblade 5000 4.9 VIEW ON AMAZON
Carlton Aeroblade 4000 4.8 VIEW ON AMAZON
Carlton Aeroblade 300 Racquet 4.8 VIEW ON AMAZON
Carlton EX Hybrid Lite Badminton Racket 4.8 VIEW ON AMAZON
Carlton Aeroblade 3000 Steel Shaft 4.7 VIEW ON AMAZON
Carlton Mini Blade ISO 4.3 Badminton Racket 4.7 VIEW ON AMAZON
Carlton Aeroblade 2000 Badminton Racquet 4.7 VIEW ON AMAZON
Carlton Maxi-Blade 4.3 Racquet 4.6 VIEW ON AMAZON

Carlton racket features

We bet that you have heard of Carlton Sports at least once before. Established in 1946, they are now one of the most acknowledged brands in the badminton rackets and shuttlecocks manufacturing industry. Many top players in the world choose this England brand as their trusted partner!

Carlton badminton racquets usually come in high to premium-quality. Their products are made of the most durable and high-performance materials, featuring the latest technologies for any players’ needs.

For that reason, top Carlton badminton rackets are usually suggested for players from intermediate to advanced level. Newcomers can always buy a Carlton, but the price would not be so comfortable!

That is why you will need to research first before jumping right into purchasing a somewhat costly Carlton as your partner.

In this part, we will cover the best Carlton badminton rackets over these years for you to pick out the one you like!

Our top picks for the best Carlton badminton rackets

#1: Carlton Ultrablade 500 Badminton Racket – Best Racket for Intermediate Players


Ultrablade 500 Badminton Racket is the first product from Carlton that we want to introduce to you.

Most of us who like playing badminton after work should be at the intermediate level. We spend our time playing, so even if it is not our bread-making career, we still have some good experience with it!

This Ultrablade 500 features Titanium composite materials and an isometric head shape for enhanced power. The main string’s length is increased to provide players with a larger sweet spot so we can achieve the perfect hit more easily!

And though this Carlton Ultrablade 500 is recommended for intermediate players, badminton beginners can also use this guy thanks to its all-round performance!


  • Comprehensive performance
  • Larger sweet spot
  • Isometric head shape to enhance power and balance
  • Ease of handling


  • Medium flexibility

#2: Carlton Kinesis Badminton Racquet – Best Carlton’s Top-end Racquet for the Professionals


Some of our friends, though only playing badminton as their hobby, they have reached somewhat a professional level in this sport. Maybe it is because of their perception or enthusiasm that they would become such a good player!

But when we are already an advanced player, we would seek for a new racket that fit our playing style – something like this Carlton Kinesis.

Carlton Kinesis is the top-end racquet series specialized with a brand new vortex shedding frame geometry, making it ideal for professionals seeking extra control and balance. Both the head and shaft are made of carbon imported from Japan.

Moreover, this Kinesis features a 90° twist at the two, five, seven, and ten o’clock positions, which is really nice because it helps to reduce air drag for faster hit. Besides, you will not need to restring this little beast frequently. The Micro Grommets have already fixed the strings with high tension to produce enhanced power for your every hit!


  • Great for more advanced players
  • Improved maneuverability and power
  • Reduced aerodynamic drag
  • Good head speed and accuracy
  • High-tension string


  • Kinda expensive

#3: Carlton Aeroblade 5000 Titanium Badminton Racket – Best Racket for Beginners & Improvers


So we have a Carlton for intermediate and one for advanced players, do we have any Carlton racket for the newcomers?

Of course, there is! This Aeroblade 5000 Titanium is a badminton racket of which features are well-built for entry-level players and also improvers!

These England badminton rackets have kind of the same isometric head geometry to increase the hit’s power. This shape also helps to elongate the length of the main strings, which will create a larger sweet spot. It is this detail that makes this Aeroblade 5000 so suitable for badminton newcomers!

Moreover, thanks to its Titanium composite construction, this racquet would last for matches if used in the right way!


  • Easy to handle for beginner players
  • Isometric head geometry for large sweet spot
  • Made of durable composite material

#4: Carlton Aeroblade 4000 Isometric Titanium Racket – Best Cost-effective for Entry-level Players


The Carlton Aeroblade series has a lot of affordable rackets that suit entry-level players. If you do not like the Aeroblade 5000 above or if it feels uncomfortable in your hand, try this Aeroblade 4000 out!

The Aeroblade 4000 is specifically designed as an entry-level racket for any newcomers to the game. It is nicely well-balanced thanks to the head shape (for many Carlton rackets, you can see their type of head geometry printed on the head frame).

Different from the 5000 version, which is made of complete Titanium alloy, the Aeroblade 4000 also features graphite as shaft material to deliver more stiffness and strength to your racket.


  • Cost-effective racket
  • Ease of gripping and swinging for the entry-levels
  • Titanium head and Graphite shaft
  • Lightweight

#5: Carlton Aeroblade 300 Racquet Badminton Racket – Best Racquet for Ease of Handling


One problem that all new badminton players have to face is their poor aiming and accuracy. It takes time and effort to improve their performance after every match.

Another shortcut that many beginners choose is to have a racket with an enlarged sweet spot, like this Aeroblade 300.

Sweet spot, as its name says, is the optimum point on the badminton rackets. Rackets for advanced players like the Carlton Kinesis usually have a smaller sweet spot, which makes it more challenging to use.

This Carlton Aeroblade 300 is like its siblings in the Aeroblade series made for entry-level players that it is super easy to handle! It is also lightweight and takes little effort to swing and return the shuttle to your opponent!


  • Easy to handle, swing, and hit the shuttle
  • Titanium alloy construction
  • Isometric head

#6: Carlton EX Hybrid Lite Racket – Best Affordable Racket for Advanced Players


This EX Hybrid Lite is specialized for more advanced players and ideal for defensive playing style. With this badminton racquet in your hand, you could get a good control over every hit you perform!

The EX Hybrid Lite features an oversized, heavy balanced head for promoted power and accuracy.

But this oversized design can be troublesome for players who are already familiar with their regular racket size and weight. In order to make up for that, the frame material is kind of the light graphite, making this racket more lightweight compared to other models.


  • Longer main strings for extra power
  • Frame made of graphite
  • High repulsion
  • Ideal for defensive playing style


  • Mostly for advanced players
  • Oversize head might feel strange

#7: Carlton Aeroblade 3000 Steel Shaft Badminton Racket – Best Tempered-steel Frame Racket for Extra Durability


If you do the counting, then this is the fourth Carlton Aeroblade that we would love to talk about! This series is way too good to have any racket left out!

This Carlton Aeroblade 3000 has some similarities in features with its siblings: an isometric head shape, a forgiving sweet spot, and so on. But what makes it different is the frame material!

This Aeroblade 3000 is an evenly balanced racket made of titanium alloy and tempered steel frame. That is why it feels so durable and sturdy in your hands!


  • Sturdy material
  • Durable and reliable
  • Forgiving sweet spot

#8: Carlton Mini Blade ISO 4.3 Badminton Racket – Best Racket for the Youngsters


If the youngsters in your family are eager to learn badminton but adult’s rackets are way too long, this Carlton Mini Blade ISO 4.3 racket could help!

This little guy is specially designed to fit the need of younger players. And though it is constructed as a mini version, it still has every feature that adult’s racquets have: the Titanium material, the isometric head shape, and a super forgiving sweet spot.

Keep in mind that this Mini Blade is only 53.5 cm long, so we think that only small kids will fit this arm’s length!


  • Most suitable for younger players
  • Ergonomic design
  • Smart built and construction for the youngsters


  • Too short for adult or adolescence players

#9: Carlton Aeroblade 2000 Badminton Racquet – Best Low-Priced Racket for the Novices


The Carlton Aeroblade 2000 is the last one in the Aeroblade series of rackets for beginner players.

This 120g racket is a bit heavy, but it is a great combination of many other rackets from Carlton. The head is evenly balanced, and the racket strings are well-secured with high tension so that it will not need to be restrung.

Its frame, however, seems a lot like the one of Aeroblade 3000, which is both made of tempered steel! That is why the racket shaft feels so solid!


  • Super low-priced
  • Lightweight
  • Well perform


  • A bit heavy racket that weights 120g

#10: Carlton Maxi-Blade 4.3 Racquet – Best Low-Cost Racquet


Since we have the Mini Blade, we should have the Maxi Blade here also, right?

That sounds a lot like a TV advertisement, heh!

The Carlton Maxi Blade ISO 4.3 is a super-duper low-cost choice! Choose this when you are entirely new to badminton and want to find a racket to make sure that you have an interest in it!

Despite the fact that the label said that this is an ultra-lightweight racket, we find it somewhat heavy to swing around! Apart from that, it performs great and does its job brilliantly considering how little money we have paid for it in the first place!


  • Extremely low-cost racket
  • Risk-free investment
  • Good speed and stability


  • Somewhat heavy despite the ultra-lightweight label


The best Carlton badminton rackets have a first-class look and performance in it.

Even if you are someone who’s just joined the game, a player seeking improvement, or a professional with years of experience, you can always find a suitable Carlton for yourself!

So, be a wise customer to have a smart investment!

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