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Best Li-Ning Badminton Rackets for Beginners & Pros

best lining badminton rackets

If you are looking for the best Li-ning badminton rackets, this article is right for you. By providing you with thorough reviews of these Li-ning rackets, we believe that we can help you a great deal in opting for the most suitable one for your needs.

Product Images Product Name Our Rating  
LI-NING Badminton Racket XP 60 II 4.9 VIEW ON AMAZON
LI-NING Super Series Badminton Racket 4.9 VIEW ON AMAZON
Li-Ning G-Tek 80 Muscle 4.8 VIEW ON AMAZON
LI-NING Badminton Racket U-Sonic 67 Limited Edition 4.8 VIEW ON AMAZON
Li-Ning CHEN Long Signature Series 4.7 VIEW ON AMAZON
LI-NING Mega Power Break N90IV 4.7 VIEW ON AMAZON

Is Li-Ning capable of creating the good badminton rackets?

Li-ning is a Chinese company that expertises in manufacturing sporty equipment and accessories. Apart from many other badminton-racket-making brands like Costco, Victor, Yonex, so on, Li-ning stands out by releasing the top badminton rackets to the public. As a result, the reputation of this Chinese badminton racket brand is affirmed by the fact that many famous athletes are wearing their products when competing in matches.

The badminton racket of Li-ning is well-regarded due to its great features. Firstly, Li-ning rackets can create stroking power so that players can easily handle and strike back the smashing hits of opponents. Also, a racket of Lining is famous for its lightweight and excellent balance, so the flexibility is unquestionable.

What’s more, the sweet spot of the racket is also dedicatedly designed to enhance the power of your smashes. Moreover, almost every Li-ning racket is made of high-grade materials to provide customers with exceptional durability.

Above are the general advantages of a Li-ning badminton racket.

Now, let’s go through our thorough Li-ning racket review.

Our Top Pick For Best Li-ning Badminton Rackets

#1 Li-ning Badminton Racket XP Smash 60 II


The Li-ning XP 60 II, a top badminton racket, comes with a one-piece design and is built in the T-joint construction. As a result, the flexibility and durability of the model are of no doubt. Besides, the racket has a large hitting surface with a proper sweet spot for you to play your match with complete precision.

Without the strings, this Li-Ning product just weighs about 90 grams. In fact, this weight is the standard level that can be seen in many high-quality badminton rackets. Furthermore, the brand takes advantage of carbon graphite composite to produce the shaft of this model. Therefore, the shaft of the racket is so slim that it can enhance aerodynamics and accelerate your smashing.

Moreover, the frame of this model is made of Micro Carbon Fiber to improve the strength and stability when being used in the long run.

The downside of this Li-ning is that its grip is not recommended for players who have sweaty hands.


  • Good sweet spot
  • Lightweight

Graphite shaft and Carbon fiber frame


  • Grip should be upgraded

#2 Li-ning Super Series SS20


The Super Series SS20 can be considered as the best racket for badminton in the mid-range series from Li-ning with advanced technology and materials. Hence, with this racket, you can acquire the perfect balance to carry out highly precise smashes. Also, the total weight of this racket is not too heavy, so users can have a comfortable grip for great performance.
In addition, this model achieves an exceptional sturdiness thanks to the ultra carbon material. As a result, the stretching of the string will be guaranteed, and the risk of deforming the frame can be diminished.

There is one drawback of this model that it is not really a versatile one. To be exact, this one should be used by beginners and intermediates only, and it may not function well in a professional match.


  • Decent balance
  • Ultra carbon frame
  • Lightweight


  • Not for every player

#3 Li-Ning G-Tek 80 Muscle II


G-Tek badminton racket from Li-ning is a highly-recommended model for you to take the first steps in mastering your badminton skills. Therefore, this one is specially made for intermediate players.

What’s more, the G-Tek 80 Muscle II is constructed from composite materials, namely graphite and aluminum, so it acquires a brilliant sturdiness and strength. Also, the ultra-strong material allows this racket to handle high tension and greatly reduce decomposition. Besides, the racket strings’ tension is excessively increased.

Additionally, this model brings an S2 grip-size and medium flexibility. Hence, you can hold the grip with comfort in a long time for more powerful shots.

The weak point of this Li-ning is that it’s not an optimal choice for anyone who tends to play in professional competitions and tournaments. On the contrary, this model is for casual plays only.


  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable grip
  • High-tension bearing capability


  • Not for professional players

#4 Li-ning Badminton Racket U-Sonic 67



If you are an intermediate player, Li-Ning U-Sonic 67 is an appropriate choice for you. With this racket, you can perform well with doubles or singles play.

What more, the material used for Li-ning is the commercial-grade carbon fiber. Therefore, the badminton racket of Li-ning is lightweight, with 82 grams only, to help you move fast and react in time for the smashes of opponents.

Furthermore, this racket is equipped with many up-to-date technologies such as dynamic optimum frame, slim shaft, and Aerotec beam system. Thanks to these advantages, this racket can assist you in getting the most satisfying results for your matches.

There is one thing we don’t like about this product is that its responsiveness is quite average.


  • High Tensile Slim Shaft
  • Dynamic-Optimum Frame
  • Aerotec Beam System
  • Carbon fiber frame


  • Average responsiveness

#5 Li-ning G-Force Series


This G-Force series racket has ist frame made of dynamic-optimum. By this, we mean that the product of Li-Ning is such a high-tech badminton racket. Besides, a large sweet spot is included to create excessive expulsion for the players to defend or attack without worrying about frame deformation.

What’s more, the shaft is constructed from ultra-carbon to provide users with qualified rigidity and strength. Also, its lightweight with approximately 87 grams is another plus point of this one. With this total weight, this model can be regarded as the Li-ning lightest badminton racket.

Due to these exceptional features above, this racket is an ideal equipment for intermediate players.

The downside of this racket is the unendurable string, which must be replaced after a few months of use.


  • Lightweight
  • Ultra-carbon shaft
  • Dynamic-optimum frame

#6 Li-ning Badminton Chen Long Signature Series


Being made of extremely strong carbon fibers, this badminton racquet has a significant rigidity to handle string tension resulting in steady and precise smashes. Moreover, the risk of deformation will be considerably reduced, thanks to the high-grade material.

Besides, the carbon fiber not only makes the Chen Long signature series lightweight, but it also contributes to the strength of the racket for easier control of users.

In addition, the high tensile slim shaft of this Li-ning offers users with an exceptional sturdiness and effortless handle. Also, the dynamic optimum frame provides more efficient strokes to attack and defense against opponents.

Despite these outstanding features, there is negative feedback about the string of this racket. It hasn’t been made to be tense enough, and it tends to loosen after a few months in use.


  • Strong carbon fibers
  • Easy to control
  • Dynamic optimum frame


  • Restring must be done regularly

#7 Li-ning Mega Power Break Free


This Mega Power racket is manufactured with the 3D Break Free technology so that users can carry out outrageous and speedy swings. As a result, it is suitable to be used in advanced badminton matches.

Furthermore, the material of this Li-ning is carbon fiber with quality that meets the requirements of the military. Thus, the sturdiness and durability of this model are of no doubt.

Moreover, the MPCF reinforcing technology included in this racket will allow players to effectively handle the strokes of opponents and strike back with maximum power. Also, the dynamic optimum frame will enhance the flexibility and strength of the racquet.

The only downside of this extraordinary badminton racket is its high price. Therefore, it’s not a suitable model for every budget.


  • 3D Break Free Technology
  • Top-notch carbon fiber
  • MPCF reinforcing technology


  • Expensive

What are the series of Li-Ning badminton racket?

#1 Mega Power racket series (MP)

Superior Offensive Play Style, Continuous Explosive Attacking!


This racket series is specially designed for offensive playstyle with continuous explosive attacking.

Rackets of Mega Power series have heavy head that will deliver tremendous shuttle striking capabilities.

The shaft with increased strength and power makes this racket series one of the most suitable rackets for offensive playstyle that I’ve ever known until now.

#2 Ultra Sharp racket series (US)

Offense Oriented Play Style,  Aggressive Smashing and Solid Defense


Ultrasharp series is designed for players who like to quickly change between offense and defense. The main shaft of the racket is designed with good elasticity and light weight which helps to create fast swing speed and strong strokes.

#3 Extra Skill racket series (ES)

Quick Hands Play Style, Light Weight Rackets for Fast Play


The Extra Skill Series rackets are Li-Ning’s badminton rackets designed for people who like light-weight bats. Most of the rackets in this series include lighter frames and flexible shafts making the badminton rackets more active. You will have better control of your racket when you create advanced strokes and shots from the forecourt and the backcourt.

#4 Multi Control (MC)

Control Focused Play Style, Strong Offense, Defense and Control


Badminton rackets from this series are designed for the playstyle that is balanced between solid defense, strong offense and good control.

Those badminton rackets’s design produce the oversized sweet spots and flexible shafts. The hi-tech dynamic optimum frame delivers increased stability and exciting power.

#5 Pro Master racket series (PM)

Balanced Play Style, Aggressive Smashing and Solid Defense


The name said all, The Pro Master series is the optimum choice for advanced players. It balances the weight with the shaft.

No matter if you are following an explosive attack or rock-solid defense style, those Pro Master badminton rackets are the professional badminton player’s racket of choice for you.

Bottom Lines

We have provided you with the top-list of the best Li-ning badminton rackets. With the 7 outstanding products, we hope that you can opt for the most optimal one that can meet all of your needs. If you find this post interesting, keep following our website for more articles about sports equipment.

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