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Top 10 Best Victor Badminton Rackets You Can’t Miss

best victor badminton rackets

Nowadays, there are many brands involved in the competition of making badminton rackets. We can easily name some famous companies like Yonex, Li-ning, Wilson, so on. All of them are great manufacturers.

However, when it comes to delivering powerful shots, Victor stands out from its competitors. Most rackets from Victor are lightweight and carry nothing but staggering quality.

Keep reading to find out the best victor badminton rackets. We’ve selected the elites of the Victor family with different features to suit different needs.

Product Images Product Name Our Rating  
Victor Jetspeed 12 4.9 VIEW ON AMAZON
Victor Brave Sward 12 Badminton Racket 4.9 VIEW ON AMAZON
Victor Thruster TK-8000 4.9 VIEW ON AMAZON
Victor AuraSpeed 080 X 4.8 VIEW ON AMAZON
Victor Brave Sword 1900 D 4.8 VIEW ON AMAZON
Victor Brave Sword 1800 4.8 VIEW ON AMAZON
Victor Jetspeed S 011 4.7 VIEW ON AMAZON
Victor Thruster HMR 4.7 VIEW ON AMAZON
Victor Brave Sword 1900F 4.7 VIEW ON AMAZON
Victor Arrow Power 880 4.6 VIEW ON AMAZON

Victor Racket Brand & Features

The full name of the brand Victor is Victor Rackets Industrial Corporation. This company is located in Taiwan, and it specializes in manufacturing equipment and accessories for playing sports.

The products of Victor are various, but the most prominent ones are badminton rackets and shuttlecocks.

The reputation and quality of Victor badminton rackets are affirmed when the Badminton World Federation qualifies them as the adequate equipment for international tournaments.

Victor has created such incredible rackets that they can deliver powerful strokes. Almost every racket of Victor is easy to control due to their lightweight, so there won’t be any finger fatigue while you hold one. Besides, Victor rackets are constructed from carbon graphite to enhance the durability for long-term use.

Typically, badminton rackets of this brand are suitable for amateur players. Yet, a professional can still make use of a Victor racket in official competitions. For example, famous badminton players like Yang Wei and Gao Ning are regular users of Victor.

Our Top Picks of The Best Victor Badminton Rackets

#1 Victor Jetspeed 12


If you want to have excellent attacking smashes towards your opponents, this Jetspeed 12 of Victor can be an optimal choice for you.

The reason is that this model is made from materials that have strong-resistance like Hi-resilient modulus graphite, PYROFIL, and TERS. Hence, you can utilize the racket’s power at its best.

Thanks to the PYROFIL, the noise of blows is diminished as much as possible. Besides, the blade has an isometric shape to enlarge the sweet spot, so this racket will provide you with more excellent precision while hitting a shuttlecock.

What’s more, this Victor has a G2-sized grip and is categorized in the Mittel L Medium. About the specifications of this model, it has a length of 67.5 inches, which is a standard length for simple control.

Also, you will be provided with a bag working as a cover layer to maintain your racket’s condition in harsh weather conditions.

However, it’s the blade that increases the total weight up to 92 grams, which is the above-average weight.


  • High-grade materials
  • Durable
  • G2-sized grip


  • A little bit heavy

#2 Victor Brave Sward 12


With this Brave Sward 12, you can create the most powerful strokes because of the excellent balance and the lightweight of the racket.

To be exact, this is Victor’s lightest badminton racket weighing only 78 grams, accelerating your smashes is no longer a difficult task when you own this racket.

What’s more, the racket’s flexibility is exceptional, as you can lessen your racket’s contact time with the shuttlecocks. Hence, you can impose more of your energy on the shuttlecock, resulting in a stronger smash.

On the contrary, if you utilize a rigid-framed racket, the time of it contacting the shuttlecock will be lengthened.

Besides, the company takes advantage of the ultra-high modulus graphite to manufacture this Brave Sward 12. Honestly, this material is known as a significantly lightweight and sturdy composite to produce badminton rackets.

Also, this model is durable owing to the impressive material. Thus, if you are a beginner in badminton, you should get this one because it won’t easily break or bend.

The downside of this Victor model is the not-too-advanced tension of the string. In fact, the string tension of this model can only generate an 8kg smashing force.


  • Ultra-high modulus graphite
  • Sturdy
  • G5 grip size


  • 8kg string tension

#3 Victor Thruster TK-8000


Victor brand designed this racket with the shape of an isometric leaf. When standing in comparison with other classic rackets, an isometric-shaped one tends to have a larger sweet spot. By that, we mean, you can precisely strike the shuttlecock with ease.

Furthermore, this model will allow you to carry out speedy actions effortlessly thanks to its 76 grams only. Besides, this racket is appropriate to use in doubling or defending because it has a sturdy mid-frame and brings substantial balance to the player.

With the excellent balance and speed of this Victor, you can gain an advantage over your opponents regardless of attacking or defending.

However, you should take into consideration that this badminton racket won’t assist beginners effectively in performing powerful smashes due to its lightweight. Also, the high price is another weak point of this Victor racket


  • 14kg string tension
  • 4U grip
  • High-quality materials


  • High price

Not for all users

#4 Victor AuraSpeed 080 X


This AuraSpeed of Victor is equipped with many outstanding technologies that can be found on the market. First, we want to mention the TERS, which can decrease the vibration and the resistant-force imposed on the racket.

Moreover, this Victor is designed with a Dynamic-Sword frame. Hence, this model will resemble the outlook of a sword cutting through the air, so it can generate faster swings.

Furthermore, this product of Victor possesses an ultra-thin frame, which is 7% thinner than the frame of a classical racket. As a result, you can change your body posture straightforwardly to deal with the strokes of your opponents.

The downside of this Victor Aura Speed 080 X is that it is not a racket for defending.


  • Dynamic-Sword frame
  • Ultra-thin frame
  • TERS technology


  • Not for defensive purpose

#5 Victor Brave Sword 1900D


The Victor Brave Sword 1900D truly lives up to its name. The new technology applied to this badminton racket allows it to move swiftly like a sharp sword.

And if that’s not impressive enough, the racket has a diamond-shaped design that can remarkably reduce air resistance. In other words, you can move more nimbly in any game with this Victor product.

As an addition, the racket comes in 2 grip sizes: 3UG5 and 4UG5. If you want a firm and solid grip on the handle, we would suggest choosing the 3UG5. Alternatively, the size 4UG5 would be your perfect fit if you’re all about the speed.

However, this model of the Brave Sword series of Victor is quite rare on the market, so you might need to dig a little deeper to obtain this “fighter.”


  • Swift movement
  • Excellent air resistance
  • 2 variations of grip size


  • Rare on the market

#6 Victor Brave Sword 1800


The Victor Brave Sword 1800 is strung with Yonex BG65 string owning a medium tension of 24lbs. If you’re an intermediate player who seeks high accuracy and power generation, this is the best racket for badminton you can get.

The highlight of this Victor model is the flexibility of its frame. It enhances the combat techniques, especially defensive skills, making them more agile.

Additionally, the unique Capault structure lets the racket store power and release it when you stroke and hit a shot. It can increase your striking force by up to 9.75%.

This version of the Brave Sword series has an energy bow upgrade. Specifically, the upgrade includes a thinner racket frame to control the energy so that every shot you hit is firmer and more accurate.


  • Flexible frame
  • Increase 9.75% of arm force
  • Energy bow upgrade


  • Not for professional use

#7 Victor Jetspeed S 011


The Victor Jetspeed S 011 is one of the top badminton rackets for women.

Even though the design can be deceiving. When the frame is colored with a feminine pink, the power it brings is tremendous, with tension up to 26-28lbs. Which is why not only the racket can create strong forces, but also recover fast from hits.

What makes this product unique is the ‘Whipping’ technology. Particularly, a softer material is installed in the racket throat to increase the head’s speed, allowing the racket to handle the intensity and move faster.

Another interesting feature is the material of the Jetspeed. The racket frame is made from Core-Shell Rubber (CSR) combined with carbon fiber. This exclusively owned technology by Victor not only helps to enhance the tensile strength but also improves the racket’s recovery speed.


  • Recover fast from hits
  • Whipping technology
  • CSR material frame


  • Limited color

#8 Victor Thruster HMR


The Victor Thruster HMR is one of Victor’s superior products within the Thruster series.

If you’re more of an attacker than a defender and don’t mind spending a little more on a supreme quality racket, we’d suggest this product

The head of the Thruster is heavy. Because so, its force when striking the shuttlecock is exceptionally robust along with high accuracy.

The high-quality carbon material of this racket uses Fiber Reinforced System (FRS), which improves elasticity and enables the strings to handle extra tension.

Even as a Victor high-end product line, the Thruster’s quality feels beyond its price. That is, if you want to bring it to a professional game, then it’s completely worth the money.


  • Superior quality
  • Professional badminton racket
  • Powerful force


  • The price is quite high

#9 Victor Brave Sword 1900F


The Victor Brave Sword 1900F (BRS-1900F) is another member of the Brave Sword series and is remarkably effective in defensive gameplay.

With an impressive elasticity, this product is a great helper when it comes to trick shots and defending from drives.

About the material, the 1900F is made from Nano Tec. This advanced technology fills nanoparticles up the spaces between carbon fiber to harden the racket frame and prevent it from being out of shape.


  • Suitable for defensive gameplay
  • High elasticity
  • Nano Tec technology


  • Not quite fit for attacking

#10 Victor Arrow Power 880


The Arrow Power 880 is another premium product by Victor made for professional use with top rank gameplay.
The racket produces exceptionally robust force at high speed if you’re a skillful player with high arm forces and great control of strokes.

Now, have you ever seen a floral design on badminton rackets? Well, now you have! And surprisingly, Victor managed to infuse the traditional floral patterns onto its racket beautifully.

What’s more special about the Arrow Power is its Sonic-Rebound technology, which brings extra elasticity to the racket, helping it to recover faster from hits.


  • Superb support for attack gameplay
  • Brings powerful shots
  • Sonic-Rebound technology


  • Requires player’s techniques

The Bottom Line

That’s all the top badminton rackets from Victor you have to check out. Each of the 10 listed elites is suitable for different needs and skills of the users, so read carefully before jumping into any decision.

Thank you for reading and let us know in the comment section if you have any stories or opinions to share. We’d be more than happy to see them. Stay tuned for more exciting posts!

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