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How To Choose A Badminton Shuttlecock? Things to consider when buying a shuttlecock

how to choose badminton shuttlecock

Playing with the right shuttlecock will contribute to improving your game phenomenally. One of the most important factors that you should take into account is the shuttlecock. It’s a small piece that hits alternatively during the match. Now you may wonder “How to choose a badminton shuttlecock?” among those desirable choices.
Here’s our article with some helpful information for your purchase:

Feather Shuttlecock vs Nylon Shuttlecock

Badminton shuttlecock comes in two different types. They are feather shuttlecock and nylon shuttlecock. The feather birdie has higher aerodynamic life while the nylon one is more durable. So, how to find out the most suitable one between these two? To do this, you need to be clear about some factors below:


Your decision of shuttlecock should rely on the purpose of your game. If you’re playing badminton as a leisure activity regularly nylon shuttlecocks would be ideal for you.
That doesn’t mean the feather badminton birdies not for beginners, but if you want to go professional, go for the feather.


A nylon shuttlecock features a flatter trajectory, allowing it to travel in a further distance than the feather ones. However, the feather badminton birdies have greater initial speed, which is perfect to close net shots in the professional games. Also, you will have more chance of hitting a feather shuttlecock thanks to its shape. Below is a good example of a feather badminton birdie:

Philonext Feather Badminton Shuttlecock

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Compared to nylon shuttlecocks, the feather birdies are pretty costly. This is because you need to take good care of them to ensure they’re always in good condition for the badminton matches.
As being said, the nylon shuttlecocks would be suitable for those who are on a tight budget. They do not only have good functions but also last for long. One of the most popular choices for nylon shuttlecocks is:

Yonex Mavis Nylon Shuttlecocks

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Both types of shuttlecocks offer features that are compatible with different purposes. To reduce the cost that you have to spend, we would recommend you to start playing badminton with nylon shuttlecocks. Once you get used to it, upgrade the level of your game to feather birdies. This way, you can improve your abilities as well as save a good amount of money.
What Factors Should You Consider For Making The Decision?
Speed is the most vital part to consider when you decide to buy a shuttlecock. Many people may think that the shuttlecock speed is only dependant on the location. That’s not true. Though the location is a major feature, there are many important factors that you should take into account for making the decision.

Air Density

The speed of a badminton birdies depends on the air density in the environment. If the amount of air is increasing in that area, that means the air density is decreasing. Lower air density prevents the shuttlecock from traveling quickly.
Therefore, people who live in mountainous areas which have low air density should opt for a birdie with slow speed. That’s not only suitable but also sufficient for them.


Another factor that impacts the badminton shuttle speed is temperature. In hot weather conditions, the speed is faster while in the cold region, it’s much slower.
But, why?
So if the temperature increases in an area, that means the air density drops, allowing you to play with a badminton birdie with slow speed. Meanwhile, if the temperature decreases, the air density will increase. In this case, a fast shuttlecock would be the best choice for you.
For example, in China, shuttles with speed 76 are perfect for summer and 77 during the winter. And, the speed varies between 70-80 in Australia in the winter months.
It’s obvious that each speed is compatible with particular parts of the world. Taking the temperature into consideration is the key to making the most desirable choice for the badminton birdies.


Altitude also has an impact on the badminton shuttlecock speed. As the altitude gets higher, the shuttlecock will travel faster. This is because in the higher areas, the air density is lower than those near sea level. As being said, the lower that density reaches, the slower the speed of a shuttlecock will be. So, altitude should be a consideration when it comes to choosing a suitable badminton birdie.

Final Thoughts

Badminton is well known to be the representative of power and speed. While feather shuttlecocks are designed for professional matches, nylon shuttlecocks are ideal for those who are learning to play badminton. Bear in mind this distinct features to know how to choose a badminton shuttlecock for the game. No matter what you use them for, choosing the most suitable badminton birdie should be based on the features of a game, price, and performance will bring you a playful and comfortable experience.

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